April, 2014

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Hobbs Named Nation’s 8th Fastest Growing City

By JJ Murphy, City Manager of Hobbs, NM

It’s no secret that Hobbs has experienced a large amount of growth over the years. Our Hobbs Named Nation's 8th Fastest Growing City - JJ Murphycity has been blessed with a current booming economy and we are investing in our quality of life to build a stronger community and improve public safety, housing, and education. We’ve always been committed to a pro-business attitude… not only with the oil and gas industry. We strive to diversity our economy as well.

So it comes as no surprise to me that the U.S. Census Bureau recently ranked Hobbs, New Mexico as the 8th fastest growing micro-metro area in the country from mid-2012 to mid-2013. During this time period, Hobbs growth reached a whopping 2.9 percent and tied with Vernal, Utah, and Weatherford, Oklahoma.

With a 10.7 percent growth rate, Williston, North Dakota was ranked first on the list, followed by Odessa, Texas, Midland, Texas and Andrew, Texas, respectively. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the industry that is benefiting these cities most is the oil and gas industry, which has absolutely contributed to such growth in these areas.

While the City of Hobbs is currently blessed with a booming economy, it is the human energy and the collaboration between public and private entities that truly allows us to thrive. We look forward to improving our efforts to help our city grow in terms of economy, population, housing, and other incentives to create a well-rounded community. As always, I am always available to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact me directly via email at JJMurphy@Hobbsnm.org.

City of Hobbs Recruits for Summer Jobs

Looking to make a little extra cash this summer? I, J.J. Murphy, City Manager of Hobbs,  invite you to apply to the City of Hobbs Parks and Recreation Department for summer positions. The city is looking to hire around 150 people in order to fill all of the available positions in the parks and recreation department, some of which are management jobs.City of Hobbs Recruits for Summer Jobs

Open positions include lifeguards, swim lesson instructors, sports instructors, activity leaders and a summer coordinator so employees have the opportunity to enjoy the sun while making some extra money. Because these are seasonal positions, they are a perfect fit for college students, kids in high school who are off for the summer and even adults. According to Brittny Huffman, Recreation Program Coordinator, “A lot of our staff are teachers so it’s a really great fit for them. We have four pools, a swim lesson program, a sports program and a summer recess. That is just the small part, typically we also hire for golf but we aren’t this year since it is under construction.”

Potential employees must be at least 16 years of age by June 1 in order to apply and pay will depend on the position and experience but will start above minimum wage. Most of the positions will start at the end of the school year. However, lifeguards should note that they must have their certification by the beginning of May in order to start work. The next available certification course for lifeguards is expected to be scheduled for a weekend April. To sign up, you may call the Hobbs Parks and Recreation Department at 397-9291.

I urge applicants not to wait until the last minute to consider a summer position, noting that they fill up quickly. Those who are interested may view the available positions online here and pick up an application at the Parks and Recreation office located at 200 East Broadway in Hobbs. Don’t miss out on opportunities to add to your resume, particularly for high school students or those going to college. Majority is service-oriented, which lead the way into various other industries and careers. As the City Manager of Hobbs, I look forward to seeing our young residents succeed and hope for a fun and safe summer in the city.

Statistics Show Hobbs Population Rises While Crime Rates Decrease

Greetings, my name is J.J. Murphy, I am fortunate to serve as the Hobbs, New Mexico City Statistics Show Hobbs Population Rises While Crime Rates DecreaseManager. According to statistics reported by the Hobbs Police Department, while the city has experienced an increase in population, there has also been an overall decrease in crime within the city. Hobbs Police Chief, Chris McCall said, “We’re down overall 9 percent. We’re down compared to a five-year average.” As the City Manager of Hobbs, I am proud of what the city has accomplished – a crime rate reduction of 9% is an outstanding number and I’d like to thank the Hobbs Police Department for all of their hard work. This is on the heels of a 12% reduction during my first year as City Manager in Hobbs.

The police department also reported that while there is a decrease in crime throughout the city, they have seen an increase in calls from the previous five years. The number of calls the department is seeing is upwards of 4,5000 from the average from the previous five years. Because of the population increase, this is to be expected. McCall also credits the decrease in crime to having more officers patrolling the streets.

“I think a lot of it is credited to the police officers on the streets that we’ve been able to hire,” said McCall. “Having new police officers gives us a relief on some of the call loads. It allows officers to go out and be more proactive. When you have a 9 percent reduction in crime overall and you see an increase of adult arrests of 12 percent; that’s an indication that we’re out there being proactive. We’re out arresting folks that have active warrants and that are involved in criminal activity.”

Murder rates are down 50% and there has also been a large reduction in fraudulent cases over the past few years. Narcotics continues to be a problem in the city in 2013, however, narcotic arrests are up 51% thanks to the increase in officers patrolling the streets. Reported sex offenses went up 46%, which McCall stated were almost all individual incidents.

These men and women who are out there working hard to keep Hobbs safe is where credit is due and I’d like to thank them for making our community safer for both residents and visitors alike. As the City Manager of Hobbs, I look forward to seeing what 2014 brings to our city.

City of Hobbs Baseball Field “Almost Ready” for Use


Hello, my name is J.J. Murphy, I am the City Manager of Hobbs, New Mexico and I am happy to announce that the Jefferson Park baseball fields are almost ready for use. Two of the baseball fields are part of the park’s $3.6 million improvement project. Aside from the two new baseball fields, the improvement plans also include a new concession stand and restrooms, additional parking, pavilions, and landscaping. The project is almost ready for use and is estimated to be available for limited use to Hobbs youth baseball players by the end of April.

“They won’t be ready for April 1 when City of Hobbs Baseball Field "Almost Ready" for Usetheir league will kick off, but baseball is not planning on starting (at Jefferson Park),” said Wade Whitehead, Superintendent of Hobbs Parks. “They’ll start off at (the Ziaplex) East Sanger and play a few games — prior to softball beginning. Then move to (Jefferson Park) around April 23rd. All four fields should be ready for them to play on.”

However, the two new fields will only be available for limited use due to the fact the grass is not fully grown quite yet. “We really didn’t anticipate (the players) playing on them this year,” Wade continued. “They’ve committed to staying off of them but they will be available for limited play.”

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As the City Manager of Hobbs, I am pleased to make Hobbs a better place every day for our youth. Compared to the park situation 10 years ago, the improvements have been well received. Kids will have a place to play with their friends and enjoy the outdoors… and of course a good game of ball. These fields at Jefferson Park are just the start of much more initiatives to come in order to make Hobbs a better place for our residents, both young and old.