June, 2014

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Team Building Program Brings City Workers Together

By JJ Murphy, City Manager of Hobbs, NM

Hobbs city employees spent a day doing team-building exercises last month, thanks to the support of the City Commission, we hired the Phoenix-based company, Venture Up. The exercises took place at Del Norte Park and at our Teen Center from May 6th through May 8th. A total of 360 of the city’s 450 employees participated. We are constantly looking for new ways to bring our city workers together to improve our community and I hope to invest in some form of team building annually.Team Building Program Brings City Workers Together

“It’s a team building program where all the people from different departments can work together,” said Teresa Lengley, co-founder of Venture Up. “They do different exercises that are symbols for communication that can be transferred to their daily work lives.”

Lengley praised the Hobbs city employees, stating that they had a great working dynamic and was confident the program would help take them to the next level.

“I can already see that they have positive relationships across the board,” said Lengley. “This is about enriching existing relationships and giving people the opportunity to reinforce that community between city workers and we believe promote more cooperation among everyone. Taxpayers will get more bang for their buck. They will have people that work more efficiently together. I can already see that there are some really good relationships within the staff.”

Mayor of Hobbs, Sam Cobb, believes the program will create better service for the city’s residents. He stated, “We have a large number of employees. A lot of times they don’t have the opportunity to engage one another and develop personal relationships and work toward a common goal. This will give them the opportunity to spend time together and develop some relationships. We have a good atmosphere with our city employees. This will create a much better atmosphere in creating a role in providing services to our citizens.”

We look forward to continuing to expand opportunities for city workers to make Hobbs a better place for everyone. I can already see the benefits of our investment in the employees.

As always, JJ Murphy always available to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact me directly via email at JJMurphy@Hobbsnm.org.