City of Hobbs February Month’s Warrior Award Goes to Michael Nelson

City of Hobbs February Month's Warrior Award Goes to Michael Nelson

Congratulations to this month’s recipient of the City of Hobbs Warrior Award, Michael Nelson! Mr. Nelson is a Driver Engineer at the Hobbs Fire Department and has been the driving force behind their Toys for Tots program from start to finish for the last 8 years, this year being no different. The Toys for Tots program is instrumental in providing Christmas gifts to children of all ages who otherwise may not have received anything during the holidays. Michael puts many hours into the program, coordinating the toy drive, taking in donations, purchasing toys, contacting the families, and finally making sure the gifts make it to the children.

City of Hobbs February Month's Warrior Award Goes to Michael NelsonThis year, through the coordination of Mr. Nelson, receiving the toys began on November 20th and was completed on December 18th. At first, the drive did not produce the amount of toys expected, but through Michael’s hard work and determination, the end result was a huge success. Not only did the approximately 130 children receive gifts (each child received 2-3 gifts), but hundreds of toys were delivered to a local soup kitchen so it could provide gifts to children as well. Through the efforts and coordination of Michael Nelson, the Toys for Tots program was once again successful, bringing smiles to hundreds of children’s and parents’ faces! Thank you, Michael Nelson!

Pictured here is Michel Nelson between HFD Fire Chief Manny Gomez and City Manager J.J. Murphy, as well as the result of Mr. Nelson’s diligence with some of his participating coworkers and firefighters.

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