City of Hobbs Recruits for Summer Jobs

Looking to make a little extra cash this summer? I, J.J. Murphy, City Manager of Hobbs,  invite you to apply to the City of Hobbs Parks and Recreation Department for summer positions. The city is looking to hire around 150 people in order to fill all of the available positions in the parks and recreation department, some of which are management jobs.City of Hobbs Recruits for Summer Jobs

Open positions include lifeguards, swim lesson instructors, sports instructors, activity leaders and a summer coordinator so employees have the opportunity to enjoy the sun while making some extra money. Because these are seasonal positions, they are a perfect fit for college students, kids in high school who are off for the summer and even adults. According to Brittny Huffman, Recreation Program Coordinator, “A lot of our staff are teachers so it’s a really great fit for them. We have four pools, a swim lesson program, a sports program and a summer recess. That is just the small part, typically we also hire for golf but we aren’t this year since it is under construction.”

Potential employees must be at least 16 years of age by June 1 in order to apply and pay will depend on the position and experience but will start above minimum wage. Most of the positions will start at the end of the school year. However, lifeguards should note that they must have their certification by the beginning of May in order to start work. The next available certification course for lifeguards is expected to be scheduled for a weekend April. To sign up, you may call the Hobbs Parks and Recreation Department at 397-9291.

I urge applicants not to wait until the last minute to consider a summer position, noting that they fill up quickly. Those who are interested may view the available positions online here and pick up an application at the Parks and Recreation office located at 200 East Broadway in Hobbs. Don’t miss out on opportunities to add to your resume, particularly for high school students or those going to college. Majority is service-oriented, which lead the way into various other industries and careers. As the City Manager of Hobbs, I look forward to seeing our young residents succeed and hope for a fun and safe summer in the city.

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