Hobbs Animal Adoption Center Art Dedication Ceremony

At 9 a.m., on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016, an art dedication ceremony of the sculpture “Who Rescued Who?” was held in front of the Hobbs Animal Adoption Center (HAAC). The sculpture depicts an intimate moment between a long-legged dog with its long-legged master, sculpted by Lorri Acott, who will be in attendance at the ceremony.

The Hobbs City Commission approved the purchase of the artwork during the City Commission meeting on November 2nd, 2015. The artwork had been found and chosen by the Public Art Committee, of which members, Daniel Russell and Mary Lyle, presented the piece to the Commission and described the impact it could have on the HAAC and community. The City of Hobbs is happy to continue contributing to the possession and nourishment of art in the community, believing that it is another progression of quality of life.

According to her biography, “Lorri Acott sculpts long-legged figures and animals that reflect intimate moments in our lives: a feeling, an interaction, a realization. Simplified and without the details of faces or clothing, they rely on our innate understanding of the human gesture to inform us.” Ms. Acott?s impressionistic figurative sculptures dot the map in numerous locations throughout the U.S. and abroad in private and public collections, making them a favorite for collectors and critics alike. Ms. Acott is also the co-founder of DreamBigSculpture.com, a company which specializes in the creation of large scale artwork for both corporate and public collections worldwide. This company is currently focused on creating new monumental-sized sculptures for public placement.

City Manager, J.J. Murphy, stated, “We appreciate the research and effort spent in locating and obtaining this fine monumental piece of art. It will welcome future pet owners as they arrive at Hobbs Animal Adoption Center to take their new pet to their forever homes. We are grateful to Lorri Acott and the Hobbs Public Art Committee for their dedication to improving culture in this community.”