Hobbs Approves Land Acquisition for Downtown Rehabilitation

As Hobbs’ City Manager, you do not always have the opportunity to have a significant impact working with public and private partners in remaking a significant part of your downtown. Fortunately for me, I have played a previous role in remaking downtown Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and now I may have the same opportunity in Hobbs, New Mexico.

Just last week, the Hobbs City Commission approved the purchase agreements I had been negotiating with three major property owners to acquire 85% of a complete city block in the heart of our downtown. This property is two blocks from our city hall and once developed, could potentially deliver an additional critical housing development adjacent to an over $10 million brand new Boys and Girls club. The $10 million facility will increase the space by 9,000 square feet and include an outdoor recreation area.

While not every development is ideal, it is not often that leaders have such a chance to rebuild such a key area of our downtown. The Hobbs City Commission and I want to let our residents know that they can rest assured that any development in this area of town will only improve our city.

Aside from approving the housing project, I am also happy to announce that commissioners also approved the annexation of the Zia Crossing subdivision phase one, the recommendation for the City of Hobbs to pick up the 4.9 percent increase of health insurance and dental insurance premiums, as well as the budget adjustment for the Western States Development agreement for $500,000 of phase two of the utility line improvements.

We continue to address our housing needs and hope this investment enables more residents and current workforce to have more permanent housing options available.

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