Hobbs Listed in Top New Mexico Places to Live

By JJ Murphy of Wilkes Barre PA, City Manager of Hobbs NM

As your City Manager, I am proud to announce that Hobbs was listed among the top 10 places to live in New Mexico by online real estate website, Movoto. According to Movoto, Hobbs was ranked the 8th best place to live in the state, tying with Rio Rancho. The website ranked 26 New Mexico cities and Hobbs followed Lovington on the list. The no. 1 ranking for best N.M. city on Movoto’s list was Los Alamos.

“If you love the American Southwest, you’ll be simply mesmerized by these 10 places in the Land of Enchantment,” said Natalie Grigson, Movoto staff writer.

The study used a variety of factors to rank each city, including total amenities, quality of life (cost of living, median home price, median rent, median household income, and student-to-teacher ratio), total crimes, tax rates (sales tax and income tax), unemployment, commute time, and weather (temperature and air quality).

Hobbs was listed as one of the best cities in New Mexico due to the amount of quality amenities, such as restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. The city’s 4% unemployment rate was also another contributing factor, as well as the low crime rate. Movoto listed Hobbs as the 11th safest city of the 26 on their list.

Hobbs is a safe and friendly place to raise a family, work, and we are improving our quality of life. This will increase the desire for more families to want to relocate and they will be well received by our residents. We can all be proud to call Hobbs home. We look forward to continuing to improve Hobbs in every way possible. As always, I am always available to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact me directly via email at JJMurphy@Hobbsnm.org.

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