J.J. Murphy’s of Hobbs, New Mexico Philanthropic and Volunteer Efforts

As the City Manager of Hobbs, I always have New Mexico on my mind. Not a day passes where I am not contemplating various ways to better the community of Hobbs, New Mexico.

Past city manger experience has taught me that my top priorities in Hobbs need to be public safety, citizen engagement, employee morale and economic development.  I have been privileged to lead incredible management teams with a focus on promoting integrity, accountability, and fostering a sense of community for the municipalities I have served.

I am an officer in the United States Air Force, where I have also volunteered thousands of hours coaching, refereeing, and helping organizations raise money.

I am no stranger to the world of volunteering.

Not only am I the City Manager of Hobbs, an Air Force officer, and volunteer, but I am also the father of five girls. Being a father has proven to me how important our attention should be on our youth, which is why I had established and founded the GOALS Foundation (Giving Our Athletes Local Support).

The GOALS foundation is one of my proudest achievements. This is a nonprofit providing fundraising support for youth sports organizations. The vision of the GOALS Foundation was realized.  Over $300,000 was raised and donated to various projects benefiting youth.

I understand that youth organizations are usually operated by parents who volunteer on a part-time basis. The GOALS Foundation created a mechanism which helped youth organizations raise more money, and in return they performed thousands of man-hours performing community service.

Through the GOALS Foundation’s financial support of these programs, the youth involved have the benefit of understanding commitment, hard work and the importance of character.