JJ Murphy of Hobbs, New Mexico: Boost Employee Morale

JJ Murphy is a seasoned leader recognized for his ability to boost employee morale and bring forth organizational development. In 2012, when he became the City Manager of Hobbs, New Mexico, he applied these skills to lead the organization through many improvements and accomplishments.

JJ Murphy of Hobbs, New Mexico

As City Manager of Hobbs, New Mexico, JJ Murphy implemented a leadership philosophy centered around empowering a diverse, ethical and united team. He reinforced that all members of the team are part of the organizational foundation and that each one is a leader. By unifying the team, he empowered them to achieve greatness by working together and promoting professional growth in each other.

Mr. Murphy’s implementation of employee morale initiatives had great impact and contributed to his award-winning status as City Manager of Hobbs.

Tips like those below might help you launch an initiative that similarly boosts employee morale:

  • Reward and Recognize

Great leaders make their teams feel important, thus boosting morale. A successful leader inspires people to become the best versions of themselves and rewards them for doing so.

Create a program that rewards and recognizes the accomplishments of employees. Extend awards not just to work productivity and achievements, but to personal ones as well. For example, employees who seek continuing education might receive recognition for their dedication to personal excellence.

  • Listen

If team members come to you with advice, concerns or input, listen. Don’t simply acknowledge what they say and move on. Listen, consider and then respond or act. Employees and management alike are empowered and inspired when they are heard.

Extend this to daily interactions, giving people common courtesy and using powerful language when you speak with your team.

JJ Murphy of Hobbs, New Mexico: Boost Employee Morale

If possible, seek a mentor who can assist you in growing as a leader and learning to inspire your employees. Consider also attending courses and events where you can mingle with leaders like JJ Murphy of Hobbs, New Mexico, expanding your network and learning from other professionals. Follow JJ Murphy on Twitter