Statistics Show Hobbs Population Rises While Crime Rates Decrease

Greetings, my name is J.J. Murphy, I am fortunate to serve as the Hobbs, New Mexico City Statistics Show Hobbs Population Rises While Crime Rates DecreaseManager. According to statistics reported by the Hobbs Police Department, while the city has experienced an increase in population, there has also been an overall decrease in crime within the city. Hobbs Police Chief, Chris McCall said, “We’re down overall 9 percent. We’re down compared to a five-year average.” As the City Manager of Hobbs, I am proud of what the city has accomplished – a crime rate reduction of 9% is an outstanding number and I’d like to thank the Hobbs Police Department for all of their hard work. This is on the heels of a 12% reduction during my first year as City Manager in Hobbs.

The police department also reported that while there is a decrease in crime throughout the city, they have seen an increase in calls from the previous five years. The number of calls the department is seeing is upwards of 4,5000 from the average from the previous five years. Because of the population increase, this is to be expected. McCall also credits the decrease in crime to having more officers patrolling the streets.

“I think a lot of it is credited to the police officers on the streets that we’ve been able to hire,” said McCall. “Having new police officers gives us a relief on some of the call loads. It allows officers to go out and be more proactive. When you have a 9 percent reduction in crime overall and you see an increase of adult arrests of 12 percent; that’s an indication that we’re out there being proactive. We’re out arresting folks that have active warrants and that are involved in criminal activity.”

Murder rates are down 50% and there has also been a large reduction in fraudulent cases over the past few years. Narcotics continues to be a problem in the city in 2013, however, narcotic arrests are up 51% thanks to the increase in officers patrolling the streets. Reported sex offenses went up 46%, which McCall stated were almost all individual incidents.

These men and women who are out there working hard to keep Hobbs safe is where credit is due and I’d like to thank them for making our community safer for both residents and visitors alike. As the City Manager of Hobbs, I look forward to seeing what 2014 brings to our city.

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